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 Sun Xiaochen, a graduate student of the Department of Directing of the 2018 master creator of the Sino-Korean short film co-production workshop in our school, Taubico nizami Ding, a graduate student of the2019 Department of Directing, Liu Yu, the instructor management department of the project in our school's;2016, Invited to participate in the busan international film festival Students' Screening and Community BIFF special unit-the exhibition and cooperation seminar of the short film project for students from China, Japan and south Korea organized by the Korea university of arts.


On the afternoon of the 4th, the organizers showed six short films on student cooperation between China, Japan and South Korea at Lotte Cinema, which is located near the Pusan Film Festival Square. The student directors of the three countries greeted each other before the screening. Sun Xiaochen took part in the screening with his 2016 Sino-Korean co-production Coke and Taubico nizami Ding with his 2018 Sino-Korean co-production Maria's Beach.


After the film was shown, the organizer held an academic seminar in the screening hall of Busan Film Museum. Teachers and students from South Korea's Comprehensive University of the Arts, Japan's National Film University and BFA took part in the seminar. Combined with their joint shooting and cooperation experiences in the year, the organizers shared the conflicts and frictions, the solution of problems, the content of mutual learning, and the final harvest of precious friendship among the three student cast members. At the same time, the participants also discussed the plans and possibilities for the three countries to cooperate in filming student feature films.



5, the host held a reception at the grand hotel in haeundae, attended by presidents and professors of Korea university of arts, and summarized the joint shooting projects of the three countries over the years. They said that the three-school co-production project is very beneficial to teachers and students in all schools. The cross-border joint shooting project across cultural and political backgrounds provides more possibilities for the artistic creation and future development of young filmmakers. They hoped that the three schools would continue to support and promote the cooperation in the future.

      At present, the cross-border joint shooting project between our school and the Korea National University of Arts   has been going on smoothly for more than ten years. A brand-new contract was signed for this purpose in 2015, So far, we have successfully cooperated for5, years. Many talented young filmmakers of our school have benefited from this and completed the first high-level cross-border short film shooting in their creative career. in 2020 , the principal creator of our school students will take a brand-new script to Seoul and complete the filming with the help of teachers and students of Korea university of arts.