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As scheduled by Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council and Taiwan Affairs Office of Beijing, to boost work of cultural elites in Taiwan, to increase changes in show business, cultural creativity and art, a group of 55, composed of Li Jianrong, Honorary President of Taiwan China Radio Association, President of Taiwanese Party of the People, Zhang Muting, Chairman of LuxLive Music Co., Ltd., Que Conghua, President of Taipei Artist Agency Association, Wang Jiangrong, Chairman ofShangrong International Industrial Co., Ltd., Wang Xiangjin, Chairman of China Youth Artists Association, in the company ofShang Junqi, Secretary General of Jiuzhou Cultural Communication Center under Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, visited BFA in the morning of November 24. Professor Sun Lijun, Vice President of Beijing Film Academy presided over the cultural artists communications symposium to promote Chinese culture and train young artists in mainland China and Taiwan. Wang Rui, Director of Department of Directing, Li Jianping, Dean of Animation School, Mei Feng, Deputy Director of Department of Screenwriting and Film Studies, Gao Jingyu, Branch Secretary of Performing Arts School and Li Jin, Director of Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council attended the symposium.

Vice President Sun Lijun gave a brief introduction to how BFA pursues both professional excellence and moral integrity. He answered carefully and in detail the guests' questions about the enrollment and the distribution of departments and shared his ideas and experience about the theme of the symposium. Mei Feng and Gao Jingyu also gave professional explanations to guests on their respective departments. Sharing ideas enthusiastically, the guests from Taiwan said that they learned the excellent tradition and glorious history of BFA during the visit. They also experienced many of the world's leading hardware and software teaching facilities. Many of them expected that they or their children could study there. Vice President Sun Lijun and teachers from Beijing Film Academy all welcomed and introduced the enrollment of Taiwanese students in their faculties and requirements for enrollment of Taiwan students.

Organized by the office of Hong Kong, Maucao and Taiwan, the reception came to a successful end and was fully acknowledged and thanked by the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council and relevant leaders of the Municipal Taiwan Affairs Office.