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On November 11, Mayor Justin Lester of Wellington City, New Zealand visited Beijing Film Academy with his delegation and discussed with representatives of our school on cooperation contents such as film talents cultivation and film creation. Hou Guangming, secretary of the party committee of Beijing Film Academy, Yu Jianhong, vice-chancellor and director of Youth Film Studio, and Li Ran, dean of International Exchange School welcomed the visiting delegation and discussed relevant issues. Hu Dong, deputy director of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Press, Publication, Broadcasting and Television, and Han Fanghai, director of Film Management Office attended the symposium together.

Upon their arrival at the school, the delegation visited the studios, School History Museum, Animation Institute and Film and Television Technology Department, respectively, and listened carefully to the faculty members’ explanations on the teaching environment, facilities and equipment and outstanding students' works.

During the discussion, Secretary Hou Guangming and Vice President Yu Jianhong of Beijing Film Academy welcomed the mayor and his delegation on behalf of the school, and made brief introduction to the guests on the current development plan of the school, the concept of personnel training, the construction of the new campus and the filmmaking of the Youth Film Studio; at the same time, Secretary Hou Guangming thanked Mayor Justin for recommending quality education resources of Wellington to our school and opened the door for exchanges between two parties. Beijing Film Academy is willing to actively contact with Victoria University of Wellington to seek cooperation suitable for the development and construction fields of the two universities, strengthen the training of film talents and film culture in the two countries, and select school representatives to visit Wellington and Victoria University in the future. Deputy Bureau Director Hu Dong subsequently supplemented on the relevant movie industry development and planning contents such as 2016 Beijing film project statistics, registration of film agencies and establishment of Chinese film capital. He expressed the great expectation that based on complementing the film industry and educational development in Beijing and Wellington by related projects under film cooperation memorandum signed by the two cities, he believed that more opportunities of cooperation and establishment will be opened up for the two cities under the framework of this cooperation.

Mayor Justin Lester thanked the Beijing Film Academy for the warm reception on behalf of the delegation, and introduced to our representatives of out party the post-production field of Wellington and the featured local film education for the past two decades. He said he is looking forward to the cooperation between Wellington and Beijing in culture, film and television. Wellington, as New Zealand's cultural capital, has many rich resources such as museums, sports events, music festivals and film festivals. It is an innovative metropolis at the forefront of the world and at the same time bringing contributes to the country's economy. This visit also encourages Victoria University to establish a partnership with Beijing Film Academy to integrate the educational resources of the two cities into urban development experience. Fraser Allen, Vice-Chancellor, Victoria University of Wellington, then introduced us to us the school's unique features and professional direction. In particular, he gave a detailed account of the newly established college and the festival's activities in the city .