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At Beijing time on October 16, 2017, the first China-Africa International Film Festival (lasting 3 days) was opened in Cape Town, South Africa. A total of nearly 500 persons, including well-known filmmakers, insiders and guests from China, South Africa, Botswana, Tanzania, Garner, Namibia and Nigeria gathered and witnessed the cooperation and development of Chinese and African films. Several Sino-African films would be shown in this film festival. The film festival aimed at showing the result of Sino- African film industry development, sharing the experience of development, and prompting a flurry of Chinese film boom in Africa.

Wang Gengnian, the chairman of organizing committee of China-Africa International Film Festival and director of CRI authorized Luo Xubing, vice president of film dubbing center of CRI to read off the congratulations. Wang Gengnian said China-Africa International Film Festival will serve the Chinese and African film industry and filmmakers, positively display, praise and promote the works of China and Africa, encourage original, support co-production, praise the filmmaker, and promote the masterpiece. Film industry in both China and Africa will make joint efforts to establish the China-Africa International Film Festival as an excellent platform to show artistic creation and production, national culture characteristics and values.

Cao Li, Consul general of Chinese Consulate-General in Cape Town (South Africa) extended warm congratulations to the opening of China-Africa International Film Festival. He pointed that Chinese president Xi Jinping put forward ten plans to promote the China-Africa cooperation during the Johannesburg Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, of which cultural exchange is one of the important items. China-Africa International Film Festival is the specific implementation of the plan. Cao Li wished Chinese and African film cooperation would be across time and space, to foster more creativity and success.

Ndima, director general of the Ministry of Culture of South Africa showed his congratulation to the opening of fim festival on behalf of the government of South Africa. He recalled his impression on Chinese film, and said chivalrous spirit and sense of justice in Chinese film benefited him and exerted tremendous impact on him. Ndima, hoped that China-Africa International Film Festival can serve as not only a platform for China-Africa exchanges in film, but also a good medium for cultural and emotional exchanges between the people of the two countries.

In the opening ceremony, Zhang Jian, deputy party secretary of BFA and secretary general of organizing committee of China-Africa International Film Festival, reviewed the friendship and film exchanges between China and Africa, and indicated Chinese and African films are well received by each other, for the deep reason that the two countries have the common value of love good and hate evil, as well as the unremitting pursuit of "Chinese dream" and "African dream". He believed that it is the responsibility for Chinese and African filmmakers to realize the "film dream" of the two countries

Finally, Mr. Nan Gengxu, holder of the first China-Africa International Film Festival, and president of Global Max Media Group (GMMG) announced the opening of the first China-Africa International Film Festival.

China-Africa International Film Festival co-sponsored by CRI and BFA and organized by GMMG, under the guidance and support of State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the PRC, is an international film festival that faces to the Chinese and African markets including surrounding area, and guides the professional exchange between the filmmakers of the two countries, with the aim of promoting the Chinese and African film culture, strengthening mutual appreciation and exchange of the film art between China and Africa, and expanding the international influence of Chinese films and African films. The organizer proposed to create China-Africa International Film Festival into the brand of Film Festival which is held in Cape Town, South Africa in October every year, with a view of forming brand effect, and building up the influence of Chinese film in African culture.

BFA, as one of sponsor of the first China-Africa International Film Festival, gave full play to the talents and professional advantages, and provided all-round support for the successful holding of China-Africa film festival, with the rich experience of hosting international film festival. In view of actual situation of the host venue, we determined the orientation and activity section of the film festival, and made a great deal of preparatory work. We determined to invite famous actress Tao Hong who has excellent acting skills, elegant temperament and actively participates in cultural exchange activities as the image ambassador of the film festival.

As China-Africa International Film Festival, showing on the international stage for the first time, its publicity is also listed as one of the priorities ofpreparatorywork. Under the assistance of many departments, publicity film was produced in many scenes in BFA’s campus. BFA’s teachers and students were invited to conduct interview and express the understanding of the film.

In addition, our academy also organized a number of works of new academism toparticipate in the film exhibition of the first China-Africa International Film Festival.The works includeYuan Shangwhich is produced by Qiao Liang, professor of Director Dept. of BFA and won George gold medal award of the 39th Moscow International Film Festival,Relocationwhich is produced by Huang Dan, professor of Director Dept. of Literature, and won the 31st Golden Rooster Awards Nomination,Marriage Contractwhich is produced by Zhang Hui, professor of Acting Dept., and Judge Archer which is produced by Xu Haofeng, professor of Directing Dept. and etc.

Our academy also worked with the organizer GMMG proposing the forum of the film festival. Brilliant speech made by Qiao Liang, professor of Acting Dept., at African film development forum won enthusiastic applause from the audience.

China-Africa International Film Festival, as a reflection of soft power of national culture of China and Africa, is a symbol of China-Africa friendship, and one of Specific performance for China’s One Belt and One Road development strategy. With the increasingly close exchanges between China and Africa, Chinese and African peoples express a stronger desire to understand the culture of each other. However, China-Africa International Film, as a platform, can conform to the trend of the times of mutual learning and culture between the two peoples, show the traditional customs of African culture, and also spread the profound culture of Chinese culture to African partners.

BFA, as Asian largest, and the world’s famous film art college, provides excellent film works for the showing of film festivals, so that the art of different culture and different ethnics can show extraordinary splendor, which provides an opportunity for mutual understanding and mutual learning between China and Africa, and among African countries, and creates a favorable platform for expanding influence of Chinese culture and enhancing cultural confidence.