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On June 12, the final of the 7thChinese Star Contest for International Students in Beijing, hosted by Beijing Municipal Education Commission and Beijing Municipal Language Work Committee and organized by Beijing International Cente rfor Chinese Language, started on BTV. The contest is divided into audition, preliminary round, semi-final and final. This “Chinese Star” Contest lasts three months, with tens of thousands of people signing up, so it can factually show the highest Chinese level of the international students in Beijing.


 BFA’s contestant is FARIDA SINGATULINA, a Russian student who is studying in the Performing Arts School. She reached the final for her excellent performance in the previous rounds. This final includes two parts. The first part is “Idiom Matching”, in which the contestants should write down the idioms and race to give the answer first after seeing the movements of the performer. The second part is “Imitation Show of Chinese Heroes”, in which each contestant should play a Chinese hero. In the final, the excellent contestants from various universities and colleges in Beijing gathered and were eager to have a try, hoping to finally win the title of “Chinese Star”.


 In the first part, FARIDA SINGATULINA defeated the contestant from Beijing Language and Culture University by 7:2 by virtue of her familiarity with idioms and extraordinary reaction speed. In the second part, FARIDA SINGATULINA selected to play the Chinese heroine Liu Hulan. Based on her extraordinary professional quality and affectionate performance, she got 9.3. After all the other contestants finished their performances, the total points were calculated, and FARIDA SINGATULINA won the title of “Chinese Star” of the 7thChinese Star Contest for International Students in Beijing.


  Besides, in this contest, Liu Beibei – a teacher of the Chinese Teaching and Research Office of International School won the “Outstanding Tutorship Teacher Award”. At last, this contest came to a successful end with a group photo of all the staffs.