Film Production BA Program (English Friendly)

Beijing Film Academy International Film Production English Program


As one of the Asia’s most prestigious film colleges and China’s only film academy, the Beijing Film Academy offers unmatched and extensive resources for your film education. You’ll be part of our big family with 2,364 students including 48 PhDs and 422 postgraduates, 1,894 undergraduates and 110 overseas students. This offers you an unrivalled opportunity to develop peer networks with tomorrow’s media leaders. BFA’s 263 expert teachers make sure you can learn everything you need with personal attention and great industry connections.
Our facilities include four studios equipped to professional production standards, with advanced cinematography and production equipment from recognized industry suppliers including ARRI Alaxa, ARRI Lights, Kino Flo, Panther, Steadicam, and with top-level postproduction and grading suites from Quantel and Da-Vinci.
Over the last sixty years, thousands of film professionals have received their film education from BFA. Indeed, over half of China’s leading film executives count themselves as BFA alumni, including international film award directors Xie Fei, Zhang Yimou, Chen Kaige, Jia Zhangke, Wang Quan’an, renowned cinematographers Gu Changwei and Zhao Fei to name just a few. Together they are living proof of our educational credo “Technical mastery fostering artistic vision”.
In this year, we warmly invite international students to join our full-time undergraduate programs. All courses within the program are English-language friendly, and you will enjoy access to our advanced production facilities.

Beijing AFilm Academy's International Film Production Introduction

Application Form for Undergraduation

Degrees, Majors and Programs

BFA offers Bachelor degree ONLY for its first English program on Film Production.

Program Department Field Degree  Number of Enrollment
Film Production  Cinematography BFA B.A. 12

Legislation for International Applicants

1. International applicants for this program are required to hold a non-Chinese passport for at least four (4) years. The applicant should once live in a foreign country over two (2) years. A scanned copy of your passport with entry & exit records within four (4) years should be presented to us for verification.
2. Applicants are required to submit the application documents
3. Applicants need to be in good health, both by law and to complete the program. Apart from the protocol requirements that are given by the Chinese Ministry of Education and Chinese Ministry of Health, we have other specific requirements:
  • Normal hearing is required.
  • Good visual acuity is required. Visual acuity of 5.0 or above is desirable, but if you need to wear glasses of contact lenses, your corrected visual acuity needs to be 4.8 or above.
  • Applicants with color-blindness or color weakness will be considered unsuitable for the program.
  • 4. For applicants who may be required by their own country to perform national military service, we suggest completing your service before applying. Joining your country’s army in the middle of study will cause automatic disenrollment.
    5. Applicants need to be eighteen (18) years old or above.
    6. Applicants are required to be well disciplined and legally responsible. Applicants who have been expelled by former schools within a year will not be accepted.
    7. Applicants with criminal or prison records will not be accepted.

    Application Procedures

    Application materials will not be returned to you. All application materials should be either delivered by mail or sent by email. Additional materials will not be accepted after deadline.


  • A scanned copy of your passport
  • Application Form
  • A passport-sized photo
  • A scanned copy of your certificate of education and your academic transcript records (English translations should be attached with your non-English materials).
  • 1500 words admission essay, which is constructed by two parts.
  • Part1. Tell us about your motivation to have you apply for this program.
    Part2. A story outline of an original short film, no more than 5 minutes and based on your own idea.
  • A personal statement: describing your cultural and family background, your level of education, academic achievements, your areas of interest or your specialties.
  • Your web portfolio containing your film show-reels, short films, animations, photographic arts, paintings or sculptures.
  •  (Optional) A scanned copy of English language test results verified by recognizable institutions like IELTS or TOFEL verified within 3 years.
  • (Optional) A scanned copy of SAT or A-Level test result.
  • * If you have a video portfolio, upload it along with your application to Dropbox, then share your link to E-mail:InternationalBFA

    Application fee

    The application fee is 800 RMB (140USD).
    Applicants should remit the fund before June 15th, 2015 by T/T (telegraphic transfer) to:
    FED ABA: 026014591
    CHIPS ABA: 1459
    For credit to
    Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Beijing Municipal Branch, Beijing, PRC
    For further credit to Beneficiary
    Account Number: 0200010009014480041 Name: Beijing Film Academy
    Address:Beijing Film Academy
    No.4 , Xi Tu Cheng Road, Hai Dian Dist. Beijing 100088 China

    Admission and Tuition Fees

    Your application will be comprehensively assessed by the Academy, including a video interview on Internet. The best 12 candidates will be offered places. Results will be sent by e-mail before July 2015. The list of admitted students will be published on official website before July 2014.
    The total annual cost is 80,000 RMB per year.

    Educational Strategy

    BFA education offers a variety of majors to prepare you for a variety of professional roles such as film director, cinematographer, or digital visual artist for production and post-production. In years one and two, you’ll learn the production basics in our thorough foundations program. In years three and four, you choose a specialist direction from three majors that best suits your talents.

    Professor, Supervisor & School Counselor

    All the Chinese professors who work on this program serve their best to create an English-language friendly environment. Most of them have educational backgrounds or life-experiences aboard, and they are all sophisticated film educators. During your practices, your teachers will supervise you on sets to help you out from practical shooting difficulties. Your school counselors will help you to fit in the environment and give advices on your study. We invite film professionals and film theorists as visiting professors from all over the world. The visiting professors will either be an English native or have English-language backgrounds. They may take roles in workshops, lectures and trainings while they may also be responsible for a particular course during the time of their visit.


    This program is a full-time undergraduate admission taught in English during four years. Theoretical studies and shooting practice both occupy 2000 class hours. In the first two years, students in shooting practices will be allocated into different positions in turn such as screenwriter, director, cinematographer, gaffer, editor and special effect supervisor. In the 3rd an 4th year, they will be separated into specific directions: Directing, Cinematography and Digital Imaging according to their interests and performances in previous two years. All the courses included in this program are divided into the following categories: production, technique, technology and historical theory. In each semester, there is one production course reinforced with relevant technique, technology and historical theory courses. All the courses form up a whole module which fulfills a particular learning aim of the semester. 50% time in each module is for guided student’s practice shooting. Students have plenty of opportunities to make their own short film or video. The works students finished during the program have access to the annual “Cinerent Award” and “International Student Film and Video Festival” in the academy.


  • Photography
  • Technique Basics of Cinematography
  • Digital Image-Processing
  • Visual Expression and Thinking
  • Camera Operating
  • Editing Basics
  • Commercial & Music Video Production
  • Film Lighting Basics
  • Digital Post-Production
  • Documentary Film Production
  • Sound Recording Basics
  • Basic Screenwriting
  • Directing (Directing Major Only)
  • Stage Performing (Directing Major Only)
  • Advanced Screenwriting (Directing Major Only)
  • Advanced Cinematography (Cinematography Major Only)
  • Intermediate Cinematography (Cinematography Major Only)
  • Advanced CGI Trainings (Post-production Major Only)
  • Literature
  • Chinese Culture and History
  • Chinese Language for International Students
  • Art History
  • Academic Writing
  • Film History
  • Film Analyzing

  • Contact Information

    Room 106, International School of Beijing Film Academy, No.4 Xitucheng Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100088
    Tel: 0086-10-82045433, 82045753/0086-10-82283315
    Fax: 0086-10-82043731