Chinese Language Programs

Beijing Film Academy Chinese Language Program

Course Outline

Beijing Film Academy, as the largest film academy in Asia, was founded in 1950s, which has enjoyed high prestige in the circle of film education. It features an excellent faculty, comprehensive disciplines, orderly teaching procedures, which provide BFA as a cradle of cultivating talents in film production, management, and theory. A large number of excellent film professionals have recently won international acclaims in major international film festivals. At the backdrop of film internationalization and ethnic diversification, Beijing Film Academy has attracted a large batch of overseas students from over 60 countries and regions, who devote themselves to film industry.
Chinese language courses are offered by small class teaching in International School, which fall into four categories, Elementary,pre-intermediate Intermediate and Advanced courses. Students can choose the category suitable for their own Chinese level. Mean well, BFA gives overseas students an opportunity to study film languages in Chinese, which lays a good basis for them to continue their film major courses. In order to enrich overseas students' part-time life and let them know more about Chinese culture, we also organize various trips and sightseeing each year.

Application Form for International Students(Chinese Language program)

Course Breakdown:

   Class Comprehensive  Chinese Chinese A Chinese B Chinese for Film Major Hours per week
Elementary-A 24     
Pre-intermediate-A    10   6     6    3    25
Inter-medium-A     8   6     6    4    24
Advanced-A     8    6     6    4    24
Elementary-B    24                 24
Pre-intermediate-B    10      6     6    3    25
Inter-medium-B     8    6     6    4    24
Advanced-B     8    6      6    4    24
Every class only have 8-10 students


  • Comprehensive Chinese
  • Listening and Speaking of Chinese
  • Reading and Writing of Chinese
  • Chinese Culture
  • Film Chinese A(basic knowledge and professional words)
  • Film Chinese B(World Film History)
  • Film Chinese C(Chinese Film History and Chinese Film Industry)
  • Classic Movies

  • Semester Arrangement :

    The autumn semester (A class) start in early Semester and ended in early January, 17 weeks totally (last week for final exam)
    The spring semester (B class) start in early March and ended in late June, 17 weeks totally (last week for final exam)
    Above information is just for reference, please check the calendar per semester and fix your arrangements.

    Admission requirements:

  • 1. above the age of 18;
  • 2. Holding high school diploma or university degree;
  • 3. Minimum study period: two weeks.
  • Applicants from foreign schools, non-government organizations, companies, foreign institutes in China are also accepted;

    Application Procedures:

    Applicants should first send completed application form to International School of Beijing Film Academy, which can be obtained through BFA website. BFA will mail admission notice and JW202 form to applicants after reviewing the application materials.

    Application time: over the year

    Visa Procedure and Enrollment:

    For self-funding applicants, please go to Chinese Embassy located in their home countries with Admission Notice and JW202 form.
    For CSC applicants, please go to Chinese Embassy located in their home countries with Admission Notice and JW201 form.
    According to the relevant regulations of China, international applicants with passport, who want to study in China over one year, should apply for X visa; after coming to China, foreign students are required to apply for Temporary Residence Permission. Please enroll at BFA at specified time. Admission qualification will be canceled if applicants don't register on due dates.

    Fees Paying

    Tuition: RMB 9,000 per semester per person and RMB18,000 per year
    RMB 800 per week for short term language student
    Registration Fee: RMB 400.00 for the first enrollment
    Registration time: first semester: early September each year; Second semester: late February each year.
    * The late enrollment is also admitted.
    Medical Insurance: RMB 800 per academic year, RMB 400 per semester

    Cultural Tours

    The School is committed to students’ overall development and organizes many cultural and sports activities for international students.
    Each semester, the International school organizes trips for foreign students to tourist attractions such as the famous spots and some famous filming base around Beijing.

    Beijing Film Academy's Chinese Language Program

    Qualification Awarded: Non-Degree
    Teaching Language: Chinese
    Duration: one semester
    Tuition Fee: RMB 9,000 total
    Starting Date: Mar 12, 2018
    Application Deadline: Dec 31 , 2017
    Application Fee: USD 70 or RMB 400 (Non-Refundable)
    Academic Requirement: High school diploma