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On April 7, 2017, Prof. Zhou Zhenji, Chairman of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, accompanied by the Prof. Hua Daoxian, President of the Academy, and heads of departments and faculties, visited Beijing Film Academy where they discussed and exchanged views on communication and cooperation between the two academies in the future.  Prof. Hou Guangming, Chairman of Academy Council of Beijing Film Academy, and Prof. Yu Jianhong, Vice President of the Academy, and other teachers received the visiting guests.


Prof. Hou Guangming and Prof. Yu Jianhong introduced to the visiting guests the development plan, discipline construction, domestic and international exchange and cooperation projects and other contents, and then Li Jin, Director of the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the Academy, briefly described the previous cooperation between the two schools and disciplines that they would cooperate on in the future. Prof. Zhou Zhenji thanked the leaders and representatives of teachers from Beijing Film Academy for their warm reception, and he highly praised the changes and development of the Academy in the past ten years and admired the Academy for innovative thinking and application especially in the professional fields of new media, new technologies, new ideas and other stages of development. The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and Beijing Film Academy had many years of friendship and always maintained a good partnership, Prof. Zhou Zhenji hoped that in the future the both sides could strengthen academic exchanges and cooperation in professional disciplines, establish a platform for exploration and dialogues in relevant areas, enhance the friendship between the two academies, and contribute to the development in film education.


Then the delegation visited the Performing Arts School, the Animation School, the Department of Film and TV Technology and Advanced Innovation Center for Future Visual Entertainment where they communicated with heads and teachers of departments and faculties and took photos.


List of teachers' delegation of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts:

Prof. Zhou Zhenji (Chairman of the Council), Prof. Hua Daoxian (President), Ms. Peng Jie (Consultant), Prof. Huang Shibang (Vice President for Administration), Prof. Li Xiaoliang (Dean of the School of Drama), Prof. Cai Zhimin (Dean of Stage and Production Art School), Prof. Shi Diwei (Deal of School of Dance), Prof. Ou Lu (Director of Ballet Faculty, School of Dance), Ms. Huang Wanping (Director of Department of Drama Discipline / Application Theater Faculty and Master Program Coordinator - Drama), Ms. Liao Fengping (Lecturer of Film and Television Production Management)


List of Teacher Representatives of Beijing Film Academy:

Hou Guangming (Secretary of Party Committee and Chairman of Academy Council of Beijing Film Academy), Yu Jianhong (Vice President of Beijing Film Academy), Li Jin (Director of Hong Kong and Macao Office), Huang Yingxia (Dean of Graduate School), Li Jianping (Dean of Animation School), Chen Yi (Secretary of Party and Deputy Dean of Committee Performing Arts School), Liu Jun (Director of Department of Scientific Research Information / Advanced Innovation Center for Future Visual Entertainment), Zuo Yan (International School), Luo Desai(International School)