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On December 25, 2016, Beijing Film Academy ushered in a milestone moment - a warm and simple kickoff ceremony for the construction of the new campus was held in Yangsong, Huairou

At 10:30 in the morning, the groundbreaking ceremony officially began. Wang Jing, vice mayor of Beijing, Song Mingchang, former party leadership member of SAPPRFT, GuoGuangsheng, Deputy Secretary-General of CPC Beijing Municipal Committee, Yin Peiyan, Deputy Secretary-General of the Beijing Municipal Government, Zhou Jiandong, Deputy Director of the Film Bureau of SAPPRFT, Zhang Xue, Executive Deputy Secretary of Beijing Municipal Education Committee, Liu Yuhui, Director of Beijing Municipal Education Commission, Qi Jing, Party Secretary of Huairou District, HouGuangming, Party Secretary Beijing Film Academy, Chang Wei, Mayor of Huairou District, Cao Yin, Director of SAPPRFT Film Satellite Channel Program Production Center,Party Secretary-General of China Film Association , Zhang Hong, Vice Chairman, Hu Dong, Deputy Director of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Press and Publication Radio and Television, Jiang Ping, General Manager of China Film Co., Ltd., Zhang Yongkai, member of Beijing Municipal Education Committee, Zhang Jingdong, Chairman of Guoao Group, DuanYongchuan, Chairman of China Railway Construction Engineering Group, GuoYanhong, General Manager of Beijing Urban Construction Group, Yang Tianju, Chairman of Fenghua Group, leaders from relevant bureaus and offices, representatives of construction and supervision units, leaders fromHuairou District and teachers and students of the academy attended the meeting. Zhao Wei and Huang Bo, famous alumni of the academy, also took part in the activities of their alma mater and sent blessings.

The ceremony was presided over by Vice Chancellor Ni Yueyue.

(Ni Yuehong, Vice Chancellor of Beijing Film Academy)

HouGuangming, Chairman of Beijing Film Academy council gave a speech. On behalf of the academy, he expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the leaders and guests who attended the ceremony and to the higher authorities and the Huairou District who have been caring for and supporting the development of the academy. He pointed out that the construction of the new campus carries the 66 years of glory of Beijing Film Academy, which was of great practical and historical significance. It was not only a key step in building a world-class film academy, but also would leave an enchanting chapter in the history of Chinese film education and the development of Chinese film. Only by providing teachers and students a better teaching environment and creative platform, could the academy cultivate high quality talents serving Beijing’s strategic positioning of four centers and make incumbent contributions to the film dream of China. In new campus construction, Beijing Film Academy will follow the city government’s requirements of "high starting point planning, high standard design, and high level construction", combine the urban concept of ecological and picturesque Huairou, emphasize film culture elements, highlight the architectural characteristics, and build Huairou new campus into a distinctive modern film and television arts college. After completion, golden statue, ornamental column, golden cock, heaven temple, golden horse, and blooming flowers would be introduced to landscape design of the campus in an effort to build the new campus into a space where campus stories are told and where stars shine!

(HouGuangming, Chairman of Beijing Film Academy Council)

(New campus landscape design)

In his speech, Chang Wei, mayor of Huairou District, said that Beijing Film Academy was the cradle of Chinese film talents. It was the only professional film institution in China’s higher art education and maintained a high reputation in international film field and culture and art field. The settlement of the new campus of Beijing Film Academy in Huairou, was a strategic decision made by the municipal government, it was also a key project to ease the function of urban centers and to promote the development of suburbs. The new campus construction was conducive to Beijing Film Academy to strengthen personnel training, and it would also play an active role in the construction of Huairou film base. Huairou District would do a good job in organization, coordination and service support in the construction of the new campus.

(Chang Wei, mayor of Huairou District)

Liu Yuhui, director of Beijing Municipal Education Committee, pointed out in his speech that the construction of the new campus of Beijing Film Academy in Huairouwas a major event for higher art education of Beijing. It was a scientific decision by the city’s educational system based on the studies on President Xi’s series speeches, particularly the speech he gave when he visited the capital city, it was also an act to implement coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and to ease the core functions of the capital. The construction of the new campus was of great significance to the long-term development of Beijing Film Academy and the cultivation of art talents, and to promote the construction of a world-class film academy. Beijing Municipal Education Committee would continue to support the construction of the new campus, support the work of the campus as always, and build the capital art education center.

(Liu Yuhui, Director of Beijing Municipal Education Committee)

Construction unit representative pledged to concentrate all the quality resources and build quality projects in his speech.

(Jiang Ping, China Film Co., Ltd. of General Manager)

(Zhao Wei, Huang Bo)

(DuanYongchuan, Chairman of China Railway Construction Engineering Group)


Finally, the leaders and guests moved to the cornerstone for the kickoff foundation-laying of Beijing Film Academy Huairou new campus

Beijing Film Academy new campus is located in southeast of 08 block, Huairou New City, Yangsong Town, Huairou District. Covering an area of 44.46 hectare, of which the total construction land area is 26.76 hectare, the campus is to the west of Xiangyun Road (planned road), the north of Xiangrui Road, the east of Anpingdong Road, and south of Huaigeng Road. The project is planned to be constructed in two phases, of which the construction area of the first phase is 178,800 square meters and the construction includes teaching and administrative offices, libraries, internship rooms, student and staff dormitories and canteen rooms. The first phase project is expected to be put into use in 2019.

As the "cradle of Chinese film talents", the settlement of Beijing Film Academy in "China Film Capital", can be described as a powerful combination and mutual complement. Huairou is an important node in the eastern development belt of Beijing and the capital ecological conservation development zone. With ecological conservation as the core, and supported by three functional zones of science and technology innovation, film and television culture, leisure and exhibition, Huairouestablishes the "1 +3" development model, builds a high-quality suitable and livable demonstration area. Huairou film and television industry maintains a strong momentum, establishesthe China (Huairou) film and television industry demonstration area, gathers 400 film and television enterprises including China Film Group, SMI, Bona, Huayi, Hairun and other film and television enterprises. The base has receivedfilm crews that have produced more than 2000 film and television works and successfully held the16th China Film Huabiao Award, the Fifth and the Sixth Beijing International Film Festival. In 2016, the revenue from cultural and creative projects above designated scale has exceeded 10 billion yuan in Huairou.

To speed up the construction of the new campus, the project uses a "one meeting and three letters" model, and obtains all the construction procedures within 100 years. Beijing Film Academy and Huairou District Party Committee and Government will work together to tackle the tough and comprehensively promote the construction. In municipal and public supporting projects, Huairou District has identified 25 key projects and 8 major issues and will build and upgrade surrounding roads, municipal pipelines and other municipal facilities, and plan for housing, medical, education, business and other ancillary service facilities in advance to speed up construction. In the future, the campus will also rely on academy resources and build an affiliated middle school and primary school.

Beijing Film Academy will take the opportunity to construct the new campus, adhere to the goal, be problem-oriented and based on the construction of first-class campus, first-class teachers, first-class teaching and research and first-class international exchanges, further strengthen first-class hardware and software construction, create more first-class works, and make new and greater contributions to the construction of "four centers" of Beijing, development of cultural industries and film capital construction of Beijing, and the achievement of China dream!