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The Performing Arts school is originally known as Performing Department of Beijing Film Academy. Since its establishment in 1950, through a collective efforts of the old and the young for half a century, the cause of film and television performing has been developed vitally and the School of Performing Art was born afterwards in 2001.
The Performing Arts School has four faculties, performing art, language skill, vocals and body shaping, and offers the above four courses accordingly. The teaching body is composed of old, middle-aged and young teachers who are very good in teaching and rich in acting experiences. The level and structure of educational knowledge never cease growing. Active in exchange with other countries, the school has absorbed the most advanced theory, practice and teaching styles of the world. The academic achievements of this school are notable, frequently honored with various kinds of prizes. In order to strengthen the students’ ties with society, stage dramas are often performed by the students both in the school and in the public. It strengthened the development of education in performing and has made a big impact on education likewise.
In 1991, the Performing Arts School began to take in graduate students. Lately we have enrolments all over the world, from Europe, Southeast Asia and other regions.
With the increasing demand from the society, our school has expanded the enrolling into different levels. We successively run undergraduate programs, special training programs, and programs of teachers’ training, senior occupational training as well as special undergraduate courses for students who already finished 3 year technological academies and extended training courses. In the past more than fifty years, we have trained many highly qualified film and television performing professionals, whose wonderful performances won the recognitions both at home and abroad, which brought great glory to our school.

Provided Short Training Program:

Performing Arts School

Majors Directions Tuition(RMB) Taught Language
Performing Arts Performing Arts 50000 Chinese

Provided Undergraduate Program:

Performing Arts School

Majors & Course Code Directions Tuition(RMB) Taught Language
Performing Arts 130301 Performing Arts 51000 Chinese

Provided Master Degree Program (Tuition 60000RMB/year ,Chinese language taught):

Departments First-level  discipline Second-level  discipline Research area
Performing  Arts School Drama and film and television(Master of academic)  Performance Studies   Creation and theory of film performing
 Master of Fine Arts      (Professional master's degree)    Film     Creation of film performing 

Provided PHD Program(Tuition Tuition 53000RMB/year ,Chinese language taught):

Departments first-level  discipline second-level  discipline research area
Performing Arts School Drama, film and television Performance Studies Research on Performing in Film and TV Play

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