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Audio-Visual Arts & Communication School is an affiliated school of BFA. We adopt new educational concepts and teaching modes. During the overall background that many universities in China have set up the film major, we make the scientific development as our goal to meet the times requirement for culture development. Relying on the distinctive education resources and great teaching strength of BFA, by use of new modes and mechanisms, we are dedicated to providing the much-needed applied talents for information dissemination filed lik nationwide networks, mobile media, broadcast, televisions, etc. With the help of deep historic accumulation and the promising preponderant disciplines and majors of BFA, a new major was set up and the pattern for cultivating integrative highly specialized talents in audio-visual new media arts filed at degrees of bachelor, mater and doctor has been gradually formed. We plan to expand the scope of recruitment and cultivation in relevant discipline of BFA and use the industry-university-research cooperation strategy to preempt the right of speak in such field.
The establishment of Audio-Visual Arts & Communication School in BFA is required by the times and market, which can develop the new media culture and art market in Beijing and even all over our country, upgrade the social cultural driving force and provide more possibilities for the development of culture industry.
Audio-Visual Arts & Communication School will cultivate practical and applied artists and technicians, make them learn the professional technologies and skills for adapting the development of new media in network times and obtain comprehensive qualities in related subjects like philosophy, literature, aesthetics, media studies, English, and teach the students to form the right and foreseeing art thinking outlook so that they can meet the requirements of times and the society after graduation and find their own positioning in the digitalized, networked and mobile times, thus the students will become the modern artistic youth that integrate knowledge and specialty, art skills and moral quality to greet the options in their lives.

Provided Master Degree Program(Tuition 56000RMB/year ,Chinese language taught):

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Audio-Visual  Arts &  Communication School Master of Fine Arts (Professional master's degree) Radio &Television            The audio-visual new media creation         
Creation of TV play

Provided PHD Program(Tuition Tuition 53000RMB/year ,Chinese language taught):

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