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Department of Cinematography was set up along with the establishment of Beijing Film Academy in 1950. For more than 50 years, with the teachers’ efforts of several generations, the department has educated a large number of film and television art and technical talents, and most graduates have become outstanding persons in Chinese film and television domains. Many of their works, have not only made big impact on the domestic audience, but also enjoyed an international fame for Chinese film and become an excellent vehicle in communicating Chinese culture.
The educational expertise of film and television cinematography does not lies only in teaching special techniques and skills of cinematography, but also very much in cultivating good taste of the students in art creations and appreciations. So in our practical training, we act not only upon the principle of teaching, which is based on its combination of film and television technology with art theories, but also pay more attention to shaping of students’ professional qualifications and exploration of their artistic imaginations.
Among the teachers in Cinematography, there are not only famous scholars, who are provided with well-set and embedded teaching theories as well as remarkable academic achievements, but also well known professors, who possess rich theoretical and practical experiences with works that have produced a big impact on the public. The department has a teaching faculty that is reasonably made of different aged group with various knowledge structure and capabilities. With the advantage of the higher-level faculty teachers both in theory and practice, the department has adopted a whole set of effective teaching methods over the years.
Right now, the Department of Cinematography is executing a series of teaching reforms, such as engaging actively in pioneering a new major of Image Studies that will turn digital technology into teaching and creations, so as to further explore the traditional ways of film making. The department has begun to enroll students for lighting specialty to meet the urgent need of film and television industry, and at the same time it enrolls students from foreign countries, gradually to carry out the plan of bilingual education.

The optional courses are: Film Appreciation, Chinese Film History, Foreign Film History, The Basics Of Drama, The Film Sound, Film Making and Market and so on. The required courses are arranged to ensure that the students will be enabled to acquire the basic filmic skills and skills to use the equipments, so as to increase their practical capabilities, which include Photographic Lens Skills; Exposure Techniques and Skills, Application Principles For Sensitive Materials, On Camera Filters, Movie Camera, Film Lighting Techniques, Image Art Design, Skills in Cinematograph, Skills In Film Lighting, Basics of Film Shooting and Videotaping, Picture Framing, Computer Graphics, and Non-linear Editing and so on. In the mean time, among the required courses, in order to promote the thought of creation, some other courses are added, including The Basics Making a Director. The special courses set by the department, such as Documentary Making, Advertisement and MTV Shooting, and Creative Basics of Cinematography, provide more practical opportunities for the students to be with camera, which works in line with our goal of teaching to make them eventually become skilled cinematographers.

Majors for BFA Short-term Training Program

Department of Cinematography

Majors Directions Tuition(RMB) Taught Language
Cinematography Cinematography 52000/year Chinese

Provided Undergraduate Program:

Department of Cinematography

  Majors & Course Code  Directions Tuition(RMB) Taught Language

Cinematography and

 Film Production 130311T

Film Production  A 51000/year Chinese
Film Production  B




Taught Language

Film Production






Provided Master Degree Program (Tuition 60000RMB/year , Chinese language taught):

Departments First-level  discipline Second-level  discipline Research area
Department of Cinematography    

Drama and film and television

(Master of academic)

Film Production  Theory of Cinematography and film production

Master of Fine Arts

(Professional master's degree)

Film       Cinematography and film production

Provided PHD Program(Tuition Tuition 53000RMB/year ,Chinese language taught):

Departments first-level  discipline second-level  discipline research area
Department of Cinematography Drama, film and television Film Production Creation of Film Arts

Department of Screenwriting and Film Studies
Department of Directing
Department of Cinematography
Department of Film and TV Technology