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The predecessor of Basic Education Division (BED) was Social Science Division (SSD). BDE was established with the combination of Physical Education Teaching and Research Group, Foreign Language Teaching and Research Group and Social Science Teaching and Research Group in 1999 and is mainly responsible for the teaching of common courses in the whole institute. Although the specialty direction of the teachers in this division is quite different from each other, there is a common characteristic, which is to strengthen the elementary knowledge for the training of Chinese film art professionals.
There are now twenty-four teachers in this division, among whom there is one professor, six associate professors.

Provided Master Degree Program(Tuition 51000RMB/year ,Chinese language taught):

Departments First-level  discipline Second-level  discipline Research area
Department of Basic Education    Master of Fine Arts    (Professional master's degree)  Film      Feature film directing
Documentary film directing

Department of Screenwriting and Film Studies
Department of Directing
Department of Cinematography
Department of Film and TV Technology