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At the local time in France, from May 11th to May 22nd, the following films were selected into the special presentations of short film corner at the 69th Cannes International Film Festival:  an animation short film called“Sea” by the graduate combination work, a narrative short film called “The Stepmother” and a short film named “Crooked Nose” by a graduate from Department of Fine Arts and a short film named “ Leave for Wonderland” by a graduate from Directing Department.  The film script named “The House” created by Wang Zhao, the drama class of directing and screenwriting in 2012 from School of Continuing Education was provocative of 8 selective films at creation and investment meeting of Cannes Film Market, which has won the only prize at the creation and investment meeting――a big prize of the 4th“Winning Project for Fund Forum of Chinese New Film Producer at the Cannes International Film Festival” . The film “Bubble Marriage” created by Cui Gaoyang (the present soil name is Cui Du)from the class of directing and making of School of Continuing Education in 2012, “A Potato” created by Wu Bo, the MFA of Department of Literature and “Change the Wrong Affectionate Couple” were also selected.  The “ Fund Forum for China’s New Film Producer” was jointly held by the film market of Cannes International Film Festival and Champs Lis International. The“The House”of winning project was shot from the fund of new film producer into the incubator fund. The first draft has been already finished and the second script was modified. Congratulate them! 


Cannes International Film Festival is one of the 15 film festivals in Type A in the world, which is the most important international display platform in the film industry. 


“Way Out” of graduate combination work in 2006 and “Farewell” of graduate combination work in 2008 were won the second award of Cinefondation in the festival film.  The number of the films in the film festival in 2016 reached 5 ones. During the practical teaching, a new peak was achieved under the university’s party committee and the leadership. A prize was carried off in the graduate combination work and student’s creation during the selection of films and television programs of the international students to play a positive role in promoting our achievement of practical teaching in the world.


 A feature film named “The House” by Director Wang Zhao was won a big prize of “Winning Project for Fund Forum of Chinese New Film Producer at the Cannes Film Festival”.


Qiu Yuanyuan, the master graduate from Fine Arts School and her “Crooked Nose”(MR.Y)was at the Cannes Film Festival.


 Li Yifan and Peng Peng, the graduates of Animation School and their film “The Sea” was at the Cannes Film Festival.


Tang Xinyi, the graduate of Directing Department and Tang Yun, the graduate of Photography School and their film "Wonder Land" at the Cannes Film Festival.


The graduation and combination work “The Stepmother” guided by Huang Dan and directed by Liang Shuang in 2015 was at the Cannes International Film Festival.


A filmed named “Change the Wrong Affectionate Couple” by Tian Li, the master graduate of  Directing Department was selected at the Cannes International Film Festival.


Professor Hou Guangming, our Secretary of the Party Committee, Professor Wang Rui, the Director of Directing Department and Li Ran, the Vice-President of International School condoled the participating students.

The Alumnus HUNG SHUN FAI of BFA Wins the Second Prize in the “Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Hong Kong’s Return to China • My Story of Studying in Mainland China” Article-Soliciting Activity
The Graduation Short Film I Come From Prairie was Shortlisted for the 43rd Student Oscar Film Award
BFA 2015 Graduation Joint Work Farewell My Love Won Two Awards of US California International Short Film Festival (CISF)
The Graduation Short Films of BFA Won the Best Feature Film and Best Animated Film of the 11th CILECT Asian-Pacific International Film and TV School