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On November 17, BFA International School mobilized overseas students to appreciate classical Peking opera programs in Operatic Theatre of Qianmen Jianguo Hotel. Peking opera was once named as Ping opera, once of Chinese five traditional operas and mainly adopted Sipi and Erhuang tones, namely chief types of music in traditional Chinese operas, accompanied with huqin and gong and drum playing. Peking Opera is considered as the quintessence of Chinese culture and the “top candidate” of Chinese three operas. Peking opera was the compulsory Chinese traditional culture course of overseas students in China.


Group Photo

The feature of the Peking opera appreciation activity was that the overseas students may watch the actors and actresses of Peking opera making up and putting up operatic clothes in close distance. The overseas students all took out cameras to take the precious photos.

Makeup of Actors and Actresses

In the program San Cha Kou in the performance, two military actors tussled with each other and their exquisite performance won warm applauses. In addition, in Xia Nan Tang, young female warrior Liu Jinding wearing luxuriant operatic clothes played broadsword and spear. The heroine image let overseas students impressed.


San Cha Kou

Xia Nan Tang

All-possessed Overseas Students in Appreciating Peking Opera

It is the compulsory course for overseas students in China to appreciate Chinese traditional arts and know Chinese modern situation. International School will mobilize more activities like this and let the overseas students of BFA to widen vision and know the situations. 

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