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In the evening of October 26, Teacher Li Jin, Deputy President of International School, took the overseas students and teachers to experience Chinese culture in “Lao She Tea House” located at Qian Men. Lao She Tea House is the nearest Beijing Culture Experience Place to Tian’anmen. Lao She Tea House provides Chinese culture experience mainly through tasting tea as well as artistic performance and folk-custom exhibition functions. Lao She Tea House not only provides a place to show Chinese tea house and national art for the tourists and meanwhile is a beautiful landscape to attract foreign visiting tourists. Many important members of the government such as American ex-president Bush, Secretary of State Kissinger, Japanese ex-premier Toshiki Kaifu, Russian ex-premier Yevgeny Maksimovich Primakov, Cambodian Premier Samdech Hun Sen and Thailand Princess Sirindhorn once came to visit. Lao She Tea House has attracted many foreign friends to taste tea and visit and it is a window to know China and Beijing.


Group Photo of Overseas Students and “Stall Tea”


Overseas Students Visited Old Peking Museum


Group Photo of Teachers and Students


At first, the commentator led the overseas students to visit Old Peking Museum inside Lao She Tea House. The museum has inherited and reserved the lingering charm of Beijing Tea House in both form and function. Unsophisticated environment, wooden corridor and window, Chinese-style hard-wood furniture, fine porcelain tureen and various palace lanterns hanged on the wall all show sufficient Beijing charm, all of which left profound impression to the overseas students.


Tasted Chinese Tea


Later, the overseas students sat down and appreciated the artistic performances. The artistic performances in Lao She Tea House almost cover all traditional artistic forms. The overseas students have successively appreciated vocal imitation, story-telling in Beijing dialect with drum, comic dialogue, magic, diabolo, Sichuan opera turns hostile, puppet show and tea art performance. They came to contact with Chinese art and culture in close distance, which would generate positive influence to their future study and life in BFA. 

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