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The activity of academic communication about“Bear Story”jointly conducted by Animation School of Beijing Film Academy, the base of study abroad of Beijing Film Academy and Laureate International Universities was held in college at 2 pm. on May 6th, 2016. As a special guest, the producer named pato Escala of “Bear Story”came to the scene and communicated with teachers and students. The academic exchange activity was hosted by Li Jianping, the Dean and Professor of Animation School of Beijing Film Academy.


Film playing, special lecture and question-response interaction were taken. After playing the animation short film named “ Bear Story”and the documentary film of working process, pato Eskala introduced the creative reason, the creative team, shooting time and shooting cost about“Bear Story”on detail.  In order to complete a 10-minute animation short film and perfectly show the“Bear Story” to the audiences, pato Eskala and his team have produced a cartoon for over 500 minutes. Through four years, the fund was budgeted as $ 50,000 but the actual expenditure was  $ 150,000 in completion. He also introduced the process of prize presentation in Oscars. In interactive part, the students eagerly asked questions, and pato Eskala answered all of them, and took a group photo to mark the occasion with the teachers and students. The academic exchange activity was finished in a very active and friendly atmosphere.


 “Bear Story”has been rewarded 55 awards and the Oscar Academy Awards for the Best Animated Short Film in 2016. This film is about a part of history of Chile, and this award is the highest award in the film history of Chile. pato Eskala is the winner of Oscar Academy Awards in 2016, the Professor of Laureate International Universities and the leader of UDLA animation courses of Chile. pato Eskala is also the partner and executive producer of PUNKROBOT animation studio.

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