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1.Brief Introduction:

As one of the Asia’s most prestigious film colleges and China’s only film academy, the Beijing Film Academy offers unmatched and extensive resources for your film education. BFA offers 4 years Bachelors Degree Program (taught in Chinese Language) to International Students.

2.Majors and Directions (Please check the information to Enrollment Guide every year): .Target Major and Tuition

Department of Screenwriting and Film Studies              

Major  Code Target  Major(Enrolled  Field) Tuition(RMB)
130304 Drama  and  Film-and-Television  Literature(Creative  Planning) 43000
Drama  and  Film-and-Television  Literature(Drama)

Department  of  Directing:

Major  Code Target  Major(Enrolled  Field) Tuition(RMB)
130306 Drama  and  Film-and-Television  Director(Film  Director) 51000

Performing  Arts  School

Major  Code Target  Major(Enrolled  Field) Tuition(RMB)
130301 Performing 51000

Department  of  Cinematography

Major  Code Target  Major(Enrolled  Field) Tuition(RMB)
130311T Film-and-Television  Photography  and  Production 51000

Sound  School

Major  Code Target  Major(Enrolled  Field) Tuition(RMB)
130308 Recording  Art(Film  Recording) 51000
Recording  Art(Music  Production) 51000
Recording  Art(Game  Sound) 51000

Fine  Arts  School

Major  Code Target  Major(Enrolled  Field) Tuition(RMB)
130307 Drama  and  Film-and-Television  Art  Planning(Art  Planning) 51000
Drama  and  Film-and-Television  Art  Planning(Special  Effects  Planning) 51000
Drama  and  Film-and-Television  Art  Planning(Character  Modeling) 51000
Drama  and  Film-and-Television  Art  Planning(Virtual  Space) 51000
Drama  and  Film-and-Television  Art  Planning(New  Media) 51000
130306 Drama  and  Film-and-Television  Director(advertisement  Director) 51000

Management  School

Major  Code Target  Major(Enrolled  Field) Tuition(RMB)
130303 Filmology(Film  Production  and  Marketing) 43000

Department    of    Film  Studies

Major  Code Target  Major(Enrolled  Field) Tuition(RMB)
130303 Filmology 43000

Photography  School

Major  Code Target  Major(Enrolled  Field) Tuition(RMB)
130404 Photography(Picture  Photography) 51000
Photography(Commercial  Photography) 51000
Photography(Media  and  Phantom  Manufacture) 51000

Animation  School

Major  Code Target  Major(Enrolled  Field) Tuition(RMB)
130310 Animation 51000
130304 Drama  and  Film-and-Television  Literature(Animation  Planning)

3. Brief Application Requirements

 (Please check the information according to Enrollment Guide every year)

  • 1. Must hold a non-Chinese passport for at least 4 years. Applicants should have lived in a foreign country for over 2 years.

  • 2. Applicants must meet the health requirements met by the Chinese Ministry of Education and the Chinese Ministry of Health.

  • 3. Applicants need to have the certification of senior secondary school or have equal education.

  • 4. Candidates must be physically health. Besides meeting the standards in Guidance in Physical Examination for Enrollment in Regular Institutions of Higher Education issued by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health in China, candidates must meet special requirements of different majors of our academy.

  • 5. Candidates must have normal hearing;

  • 6. Binocular vision of candidates for performing major must be over 5.0(Binocular vision corrected by contact lenses must be over 4.8, according to the new visual chart); candidates must have no limb deformities, or no scar, tattooing, birthmark or skin disease in body surface.

  • 7. Binocular vision of candidates for Film-and-Television Photography and Production and Photography must be over 5.0(the corrected vision must be over 4.8, according to the new visual chart  ), and have no color blindness or color weakness.

  • 8. Candidates for Drama and Film-and-Television Director, Recording Art, Drama and Film-and-Television Art planning and Animation are required to have no color blindness or color weakness.

  • 4. Brief Required Documentation

    (Please check the information according to Enrollment Guide every year)

  • 1. 2 Filled Application Forms (one original form and one copied form). Both of the forms should not be write by hand. Please remember to send the electronic ones to the mailbox:

  • 2. Graduation Certification of senior high school diploma documents(graduating students can provide expected graduation prove, diploma documents must be applied by the date of acceptance), and all courses and school report in senior high school are asked, which should be the original one or the notarized one in Chinese or English..

  • 3. Scanned copy of your passport

  • 4.  5 recent color certificate photos of one inch with white background (within 30KB) is asked, of which negative must be the same as that in application form; and please write your examination major and name on the back.

  • 5.Please provide Certification of New HSK(汉语水平考试) level 5 or HSK level 6

  • 6. Application Fees: 800RMB (140USD) for one major. For those who register for more than one major, please hand in more same-amount registration fee. Without registration fee, the registration is invalid; registration fee will not be returned to those who don’t take examination.  Payment Method: For those who choose site registration, please hand in your fee when you register; for those who choose letter registration, please hand in your fee when you get the admission ticket. Please don’t send your registration fee and other materials by mail in order not to lose them. 

  • 5. Contact Information

  • 1. Address: Room113 International School H Building Beijing Film Academy No.4 Xitucheng Rd. Haidian District, Beijing China Post number:100088

  • 2. Tel; 0086-010-8204 5433 Fax: 0086-010-8204 3731

  • 3.E-mail: